Blockchain Framework - Topics to be covered

Blockchain Framework - Topics to be covered

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This series primarily intends to offer distillation of my experience in 3 major Blockchain frameworks - HLF, QLDB & MSB.

Please note:

  • There are very many other popular Blockchain frameworks and tools available in the market in addition to the chosen ones in this series. This series primarily intends to canvass for 3 following major framework/services for Blockchain

    • Hyperledger-Fabric
    • AWS-QLDB (AWS Quantum Ledger Database)
    • AWS-MSB (AWS Managed Blockchain)
  • Many of these above mentioned Blockchain framework/services are very popular, and are being extensively used.

  • This series is illustrative in nature.

Following Real world application of one of above Blockchain service is exhibited in the series

  • Application of Blockchain Network for ENTERPRISE DATA LAKE ENGINEERING and for DATA ARCHITECTS
  • Digital Asset Management
  • TRUSTED DATA PLATFORM (System-Of-Enagements)

For the ease of addressing, hereon, I'll use following pairs of terms interchangeably -

  • Hyperledger-Fabric as HLF
  • Hyperledger as HL
  • AWS MSB as MSB