About Me

I serve Industry as Chief Digital Transformation Portfolio Leader, AI Research, Digital Product Innovation Leader, Tech Speaker and Author. I firmly believe in Tech evangelism. I'm here to share my learning and Industry experience, mentoring enthusiastic individuals in their journey towards excellence.

About me and my expertise - I’m Digital Transformation Portfolio Leader with powerful blend of ♦ Futuristic vision ♦ Digital Portfolio Strategy & Management ♦ Digital Transformation Technology ♦ Hyper-Automation Industrialization ♦ Culture Transformation.

My expertise lies in Enterprise Digital Transformation (with focus on Data, AI, IoT & MultiCloud Modernization), Technology Innovation, Digital portfolio Management by objectively industrializing Digital Strategy, Hyperautomation Acceleration Platform-as-Code (PaC +), & Socio-Technology Cultural Revolution.

I've rich Governance experience in Digital Product Management | Digital Portfolio Strategy and Governance – Financial Budgeting – GTM – Go Live| Pre-Sales| Stakeholder Management| Technical Presentations- Next Gen Technologies| CoE Management| Agile 2.0 Process Management| Client Consulting & Multi-Vendor relationship management| Analyst & Partner focus.

Has deep Technical expertise in ‘Industrialization of Distributed, Scalable, Self-healing & Secured Enterprise AI & Data Platform’ | Cloud Computing (Azure & AWS) | AI Research| Deep NN Learning, AutoML & Federated Learning| BigData & IIoT Analytics| MLOps-DataOps-DevSecOps| CaaS (Docker, Kubernetes & HELM) | FOSS Technologies| Microservice Governance & Management| API Gateway| Cloud MPP Warehouse| Kappa, Lambda & N-Tier Architecture| UI & UX Design| Cyber Security.

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