AWS Quantum Ledger Database QLDB

AWS Quantum Ledger Database QLDB

Overview of AWS QLBD


  • provides a centralized ledger for auditing and record keeping purposes
  • Offers Verifiability - verifies integrity of past records

  • is Scalable

  • is Serverless
  • can be provisoned with AWS CloudFormation (IaC) with additional user level control from client side with IAM & ACL

  • can trigger AWS Lambda events to process other downstream workflows

  • can integrate with other AWS PaaS Services


AWS QLDB supports low-level python client (AWS SDK for Python Boto 3 API)

Using Python, one can perform following operations on Amazon QLDB

  • Create a New Ledger
  • Test Connectivity to the Ledger
  • Create Tables, Indexes, and Sample Data
  • Query the Tables in a Ledger
  • Modify Documents in a Ledger
  • View the Revision History for a Document
  • Verify a Document in a Ledger

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AWS Managed Blockchain AMB

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Key Concepts of AMB

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